Speaker Series Fall13-Spring14

Devon Shay

Mr. Shay is a current director at Engineering and Geosciences Signal Hill Petroleum. He will be talking about the current project and possible employment position at his company.

George Scharenberg

Presenting what 50+ years as an Engineer in the Oil Industry teaches one. Learn the basics of Petroleum Industry, and Job tips.

Mao Phavantha

In this talk, Mr. Phavantha will delve into the world of the Photonics industry and how can be part of this exciting field. The important of Micron or Nanometer resolution components. He will also delve into the process of landing a job for students. Learn shortcut ways to do successful job search and interview for a position.

Richard Hilblom

He is currently the North American Aerospace Market Manager with Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, the global leader in engineering plastic stock shapes for machining.

He will give the presentation on the selection and usage of Plastic Material.