Humans Vs. Zombies: Spread the Virus

Human Survivors

Zombie with most Infections

Karteek Tavarageri

Derek Mazer

Justin Green

Ian Goegebuer

Laura Avellaneda

Alexandra Parks

Sheehan Huang

Armando Moraza

Shahar Janjua

Cathy Sakurai

Inderpal Singh Sahdru

Syed Ghouse Faizani

Joshua Tolero

Kevin Lee

Daniel Duong

Arnulfo Nuno Jr

Phong Tran

Elisa Sanchez

Diane Reyes

Ryan Ea


Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag. Some Players begin as humans and some are randomly chosen to be the “Alpha Zombie.” The Alpha Zombie tags human players and turns them into zombies. Zombies must tag and eat a human every 24 hours or they starve to death and are out of the game.


The Zombies win when all human players have been tagged and turned into zombies. Zombies must eat everyday to survive.

In order to win a prize, the zombie must:

a) Eaten the most humans

b) Eat everyday.

The Humans win by surviving long enough for all of the zombies to starve.

In order to win a prize, humans must:

a) Check-in everyday (locations below)

b) Attend Closing Ceremony on 2-21-14 on Friday


Upon registration players will be given:

a) Bandanna

b)Human identification card

Optional: Socks (Highly recommended for Humans).

Socks must be thrown, not flailed. Socks must be dry. Socks may not be tied into a ball, they may be rolled into one.

Socks cannot be stuffed with anything other than socks. Yes, a sock may eat it's brother!


Game begins at the E-Week Opening Ceremony on Monday 17th at 11:00 AM and ends Friday 21st 12:00 PM.


Begins on Monday the 10th of February at PTS room VEC 219C and ends on Monday the 17th on the Opening Ceremony.

Players must sign a Waiver Form form and pay $1.

Human Rules

I.D. Number: Humans must keep an ID card with their unique identification number on them at all times.

Bandanna Location: Humans must wear a bandanna around an arm to identify them as players of the game. Bandanna must be visible at all times.

Stunning a Zombie: Humans may stun a Zombie for 3 minutes by throwing a sock at them.

When Tagged By a Zombie: When tagged by a Zombie, the Human is required to forfeit their ID card. 5 minutes after being tagged, tie your bandanna around your head – you are now a member of the Zombie team! Go hunt some Humans.

Check in: Humans must check-in everyday on designated PTS paper on designated locations. Check in times are from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. If a human fails to check in, he can continue to play but will be disqualified from winning any prizes.

Check in locations:

VEC 219C

The following events are guaranteed checkpoints:

Opening Ceremony

ESRA Paper Airplanes

MAES Recycled Mini Golf

ASCE Cardboard Boat Race

SWE Mr. & Mrs. Engineering Pageant

AIAA Relay Race

IEEE Scavenger Hunt

SHPE Extreme Jeopardy

Other events are not guaranteed checkpoints (no reply)

Zombie Rules

Bandana Location: Zombies must wear a bandana around their heads at all times. Bandana must be visible at all times.

Feeding: Zombies must feed every 24 hours or else they are eliminated from the game. To confirm a feed, the Zombie must either report the Human’s ID to PTS' Humans vs Zombies’s Facebook wall or go to Pi Tau Sigma’s Tutoring Center (VEC-219c) where they can inform a PTS officer. Here the website:

Write your name, ID # and the date on the flashcard when turning it in.

Tagging: A tag is a firm touch to any part of a Human. After tagging a Human, the Zombie must collect their ID card, and turn it to the PTS Tutoring Center.

Getting Stunned: When hit with a sock, a Zombie is stunned for 3 minutes.

A stunned zombie may not:

Shield other zombies from socks

Continue to run toward a human

Run after other humans

If a zombie is shot while they are stunned, the zombie’s stun timer will reset to 2 minutes.

Quarantined Zones

Some areas on campus are “no play zones,” where the game is permanently suspended, and no players may be stunned or tagged.

These areas include:

Some areas on campus are “no play zones,” where the game is permanently suspended, and no players may be stunned or tagged.

These areas include but not limited to:

Stairs (with a radius of 4 ft from the top and bottom of the stairs)

SRWC (REC center)

USU Building

KIN Building


Horn Center

Brotman Hall


Professor’s offices


Dorm buildings


Inside cars

Club office

E-week events

Parking lot

Bus stops (with a radius of 20 ft)



Study Centers

That place where people practice their instruments near the Carpenter Performing Arts Center.

Carpenter Performing Arts Center

Other Rules

Let's keep CSULB clean. Please pick up any socks that you see littering over the campus. Trash too.

No bikes/skates/skateboards/roller blades/scooters. Zombies or humans may not use any or these.

Non-Player Interference: People who are not registered participants may not directly interact with the game. This includes bringing food to humans or spying for either team.

Safe Zones: A zombie must have both feet outside of a safe zone to tag a human.Humans can stun zombies outside from a safe-zone.

Do not Block the doors: Humans and zombies may not the block doors.

Athletes: Athletes are safe during official practices, but not on the way to or from practice.

Required Academic Events: Similarly, students at required academic events are safe for the duration of the event (even if this event is in a free-play zone), but they are not safe on the way to or from the event.

All player must sign the waiver form. Those who have not signed are not in the game, registered or not.

No refunds after 2/16. Players cannot back off during E-Week.

Prize Limit. First 20 survivors on the Closing Ceremony will receive a prize.

Don’t spoil the fun! Everyone plays Humans vs. Zombies to have fun, and the rules of HvZ only exist because we agree they do. That’s why the most important rule of Humans vs. Zombies is to treat your fellow players with respect, and gracefully accept when you have been tagged or stunned.

Please be courteous to the people around you and mindful of the location of your hunt. We may not have taken all the places to consider as quarantined zones but we don’t want to interfere with non-player’s lives.